Friday, September 9, 2011

Lets Start the Change !

Lets start the change....! 
Here I published one of self improvement tools made by my friend Mohamad N. Mazloum . The role of the game is to choose one of the below positive characters and to apply it for a week ,and to choose another for the next week....etc.

You can choose the change of yourself and to do that you just choose one key each week.
Honest       Intelligent  Organized Responsible  Committed Teachable Sober Loyal
Self-employed Optimistic Punctual Enthusiastic Goal-setting  
Smart  Self-Starter
Disciplined Focused Dependable Persistent Positive-Thinker  Energetic
Team-Player Hard-Worker Motivated

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sarah or Sarai return to live in Hebron

This not an April lie, it is a very fantastic revival of the legend,the story and the life of Sarah or Sarai the wife of the father of all prophets Ibrahim or Abraham through a very deep Palestinian stonic mural for the artist Yousef Katalo who was born in same place of Sarah the old city Hebron.

Yousef  Katalo summarized the history of the land and the sky, the holy books and events, the whole story and maybe the future and the wishes of all believers on the world to live to feel, touch and breath their past to go forward to a better world.

From the Start of the story to its endless end the mural keeping in touch with the present and sure for the future. It is the story of everybody not only in Hebron or Palestine,but also the story of the world. In other words the Mural said in direct or  indirect speech the story of Sarah is the story of the world.

Many Many people in Palestine and  the world waiting the exposing of Sarah Eyes Mural in Hebron in 19th of September 2011.

By Talat A. Shaibat

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Monday, September 5, 2011

A bout wishes- kamilya Jubran

About wishes  

This song for three Palestinian people, the singer is  Kamilya Jubran , the music for the composer Sa'ed Murad and the lyrics for the well known Arab poet Mahmoud Darwish. 

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The Ball

When I was a Young 
there was a ball 
it was not filled with air
but I satisfied with it
I remember that I made sweet goals 
but now I am a defender,,,,

By Talat A. Shaibat

The Arabic script: 

عندما كنت صغيرا 
كانت هناك كرة لم تكن تملأ بالهواء
لكني كنت بها قانع 
أتذكر أني كنت أسجل أهدافا حلوة 
لكني اليوم مدافع 

للشاعر طلعت شعيبات 

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Music of Omar Khairat

Music is not only sounds.It is the way of life...... Talat A. Shaibat

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The Life

The life looks like a football Match, we have only 90 minutes and a few extra time, usually there are 22 players
 .........You can be the 23d player

Talat A. Shaibat

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