Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fadwa Rouhana : The Camera When Becomes a Friend...!

When I asked Fadwa Rouhana to choose some of here photographic works , I thought it will be easy mission, and I thought that she will send some of those photos to be published in my own new blog " Earth of Ideas" easily .  And after days of waiting I tried to choose by myself some of the her works that could be "sufficient". I thought that just thinking........this is just thinking my friend Fadwa.

Our Mahmoud Darwish said " She was called Palestine, Her name later became Palestine".... To recognize Fadwa Rouhana arts you should keep in mind this phrase.... Rouhana was born in Esefya village on the top of the great mountain Al Karmel in Palestine, and she lived for 13yrs in Cairo after she completed her studying of business administration  from university of Wales in Britain before she came back to live with her memories to Palestine.And on the time being she is studying the photograph Technic  in Florence, Italy.

Personally, I knew Fadwa through some pictures of old people in the old city of Jerusalem in her own facebook page. she named the album Wahdon Wa Ana (only them and me).

Fadwa said: The camera became my friend and it becomes more sensitive, spiritual and stronger  when I use it in my homeland, I am trying  to keep all the seconds..." 

I said it is very difficult to choose from her albums. but I will do my best to put some of those pictures were taken in Palestine and other places of the world. Hope these pictures will be "sufficient " to introduce one of our Palestinian photographer called Fadwa Rouhana.

By: Talat A. Shaibat